Prompts and Junk and Stuff

One of the best ways I’ve found to inspire myself to write is by trading prompts with others. I enjoy finding something unique to stir the creativity of another. Brainstorming has always been one of my favorite activities and feels very pure in this format. Running with the spark of text provided by someone else is equally intriguing. Sometimes I feel as if I’m interpreting their words and trying discover what meaning might be within. Other times it is as if the words were lost somewhere in my own head and it took the insight of another to bring them to light.

Another component of prompt sharing that I find particularly rewarding is learning about someone else through the exchange. You get a rare opportunity to see something of that person’s intrinsic creativity; their view of the world as seen through their eyes. I’ve shared prompts with many people but the person I enjoy writing with the most has been my mother. Many times we share a similar tone or quality in the prompts themselves if not in the resultant writing. I’ve found that some of my most creative writing has been found in prompts we have exchanged. I’ve always appreciated that shared creative inspiration regardless of how divergent the outcome, which in itself is something to deeply appreciate and respect.

A few prompts are sitting in my inbox right now. I’m looking forward to what they prompt on this blog.